The village Pitsidia is 65km south-west of Heraklion.

It is the headquarter of the municipality Pitsidia–Matala und has about 700 residents. Pitsidia is a quiet village with traditional hospitality.

The clean acommodations, the taverns, the coffee shops with the aroma of Greek coffee and the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the region during the summer season creates an unforgettable experience for all visitors.

The road of Heraklion is easy to drive and runs through the valley of Messara. You can use public transport for your visit of Pitsidia and Matala. The mild climate promotes longvity and well-being, the local people are known for their longevity.

The exceptionally beautiful landscapes in the region with the archaeological and historical sites attract many tourists every year. The large sandy beach of Kommo with the archaeological excavations, which is 1km away and Matala, 4km from the village are just some of the attractions.

Additionally, Pitsidia can be the starting point of hiking to archaeological sites in the region.

Some of the most interesting attractions are the archaeological sites of Festos, Agia Triada and Giortina, the monastery of Odigitria and the canyon of Agio Faraggo.